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The big silver move into 2023
Tue Dec 06 14:27:56 UTC 2022
Lots of interest in silver again with just a few weeks left of 2022. some interesting news about India's demand and COMEX, go check it out. pull back to support S1 or S2 (extreme), then upwards to break yearly highs and possibly more! watch the news, that's when u will look to sell x merry xmas and happy new year
Bitcoin: Recovery mode
Tue Dec 06 14:27:25 UTC 2022
After Bitcoin's short but steep drop, we expect the coin to sink further into the green target zone and finish the green wave 4 between $17 111 and $16 759 before heading back North. Rising to the green target zone between $18 109 and $19 418, the orange wave iii should be completed around the $18 600-mark before dropping down again to end the orange wave iv.
Rebound of BTC
Tue Dec 06 14:23:07 UTC 2022
Rebound of Time frame 1 Hr It can break high for rebound of bigger timeframe in next next day
Tue Dec 06 14:17:41 UTC 2022
Hello traders, Wave 4 is supposed to end at 0.66871-0.66402 zone. Then wave 5 is supposed to materialise towards the resistance zone at 0.71100. Thanks.
Eu Short
Tue Dec 06 14:14:37 UTC 2022
Short term Bullish on DXY till it goes above last Friday's High so that can provide a short on the EU. we have a 1H balanced price Range (BPR) combined with a 1H bearish breaker if price run up into that BPR/-Breaker and shows us a rejection we can go short targeting a last Friday's Low.
The West Takes Aim at Russian Oil Markets
Tue Dec 06 14:14:22 UTC 2022
As tensions continue to escalate between the West and Russia, a new development has emerged in the ongoing struggle over oil shipments. The West has been using shipping insurance as a tool to put pressure on Russia, but this strategy has had limited success so far. Insurance is only available for shipments valued at less than $60 a barrel, and as it happens,...
BITCOIN brief gain 🚀
Tue Dec 06 14:12:32 UTC 2022
Hello 🐋 Based on the chart, the price is close to the support area and channel support of ascending channel ✔️ if the price doesn't break the support zone to the downside, we can see more gain, at least to our upper trend line 💣🚀 otherwise we can see more correction to lower trend lines ❌🧨
AUDNZD - short setup
Tue Dec 06 14:09:28 UTC 2022
hi everyone :) & have a wonderful Tuesday! Higher time frames are trending down, the weekly has crossed MA 200, which is a strong higher time frame confirmation indicating AUD weakness against NZD, 1-hour bearish engulfing candlestick closure breaking past MA 20 and 50 does confirm strong selling power. The trade has the potential to re-test the previous bottom;...
AUDUSD: Short Trade with Entry/SL/TP
Tue Dec 06 14:04:31 UTC 2022
AUDUSD - Classic bearish pattern - Our team expects fall SUGGESTED TRADE: Swing Trade Sell AUDUSD Entry - 0.67235 Sl - 0.67913 Tp - 0.66220 Our Risk - 1% Start protection of your profits from higher levels. ❤️ Please, support our work with like & comment! ❤️
Eurusd sellers at 50% of red candle
Tue Dec 06 14:03:16 UTC 2022
Eurusd rebound to test resistance around 50% of strong red candle on 4hr chart. That red candle on 4hr chart originated from top resistance on weekly (see idea attached) On smaller time frame as price goes close to that 50% level of red candle: Sellers started coming in strongly 1 reversal candle- opened with gapping up but closed down and next gapping gapping...
Tue Dec 06 13:57:47 UTC 2022
Typical Head & Shoulder pattern on daily .................
GBPUSD Short opportunity
Tue Dec 06 13:56:19 UTC 2022
As usual, GBPUSD is doing a lot of flick-flacks and spikes before changing direction. However, ignoring these short-term noises, the image is pretty clear with the pair facing a strong resistance level and nothing to support further rise from a fundamental point of view. That being said, in my opinion, GBPUSD will reverse soon and fall to at least 1.2 zone, so...
ETHUSD: Long Trade Explained
Tue Dec 06 13:56:07 UTC 2022
ETHUSD - Classic bullish formation - Our team expects retracement SUGGESTED TRADE: Swing Trade Long ETHUSD Entry Level - 1254.88 Stop Loss - 1098.33 Take Profit - 1489.70 Our Risk - 1% ❤️ Please, support our work with like & comment! ❤️
5+ indicators signal a bottom on BTC...
Tue Dec 06 13:55:26 UTC 2022
After reviewing many ideas, YouTubers and some great studies here.. I have just one question: how many more indicators could tell you we are near bottom? Does it really matter if we were to go lower by maybe 10%? To me, it looks like we are now really getting there. What could trigger a true collapse? Curious to hear some counterarguments.
Tue Dec 06 13:54:43 UTC 2022
Hi traders, watch GOLD with your own according strategy and look for a short position opportunity for a short term trade setup GOOD LUCK.
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