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Asset being protected

Your experience with us is safe and secure.

Asset being protected

Your experience with us is safe and secure.

Six High-level Security Measures

Funds Security

Bank Protection

Clients' funds are deposited in a separate bank account and must be kept separate from the broker's own account.

Secured Fund Flow

The funds will be concluded using the same transfer method and remitter where the Company originally received the funds from. It is a faster and safer way to make funds transfers.

Highly Secured Authentication

As a regulated broker, we will provide trading and asset safeguarding service to clients once they complete their account verification.

NNAC (South Africa) Protection

XTrend Speed has been strategically insured by the NNAC, South Africa's largest insurer. We will protect your trading and account according to the most professional safety standard of brokerage industry.

Qualification Security

FSCA Supervision

XTrend Speed is regulated by FSCA. The FSP license number is 23497.

Data Security

Trade Process Monitoring

Transactions are continuously monitored to detect any unusual online payment, transactions, and other emergent issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.How can I get my account protected?

Your account will be protected with high-level security measures after you have registered with XTrend Speed and deposited.

Q2.How long is my account protected for?

We provide permanent protection for your account.

Q3.What types of my activities are protected?

You asset is highly secured in activites such as trading, depositing and withdrawal.