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August 9, 2023–The International licensed forex broker XTrend Speed and Argentina Football Association (AFA) announced their sponsorship agreement for the Argentine National Team.
This partnership will boost the popularity of the Argentine National Team in Asia and help XTrend Speed, one of the top ten global brokers, expand in the international financial market. This delights both Argentine football fans and XTrend Speed users. They have the chance to encounter superstars like Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria, and Julian Alvarez, and win exciting rewards like player-signed jerseys, footballs, match tickets, and more.

"The Argentina National Team has felt the strength and support of the Asian community throughout the World Cup, and we are very glad to have XTrend Speed being our regional sponsor of the Argentine Football Association. The association opens a new platform for us to connect with fans. As a result, our association is consolidated as a leader in the world football environment. We welcome XTrend Speed as our regional sponsor."

Claudio Fabian Tapia, President of AFA, said

"Throughout the last five years we had established a strategic view and goal for our Association, recovering international prestige and worldwide commercial attractiveness, this regional sponsorship with XTrend Speed is the outcome of dedicated team work and a clear direction by AFA. We are pleased XTrend Speed has chosen our Association and become a regional sponsorship. AFA and XTrend Speed will be jointly developing commercial and marketing actions that increase the synergy and power of their brands."

Leandro Petersen, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer of AFA, said

"Today we take great pride in starting our association with the Argentine National Team, a significant milestone for XTrend Speed's growth within the region and internationally. Historically Argentina has been a standout performer of soccer talent and success in World Football, with recently reaching its pinnacle when winning the 2022 World Cup."

Michael Rezaie, CEO of XTrend Speed, said

Partnership Vision

We share the same vision to the AFA. We want to associate technology and innovation to a wider audience of football enthusiasts. We also want XTrend Speed to be the standout performer in Financial Services internationally. We are continuously enhancing our trading platform to help traders reach new heights within their professional trading journey.

Undoubtedly, we are excited about what this partnership will bring for the future to XTrend Speed and its Clients.

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