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Fast and Easy Withdrawal

At XTrend Speed, you are able to enjoy fast withdrawal service anytime anywhere. Besides, XTrend Speed has a global customer support team across all seven continents to respond to client funds withdrawal requests within three minutes.

Withdrawal Method and Arrival Time

XTrend Speed supports popular payment methods such as VISA/PayPal/Bank Transfer. Due to differences in policies across countries and regions, the supported withdrawal methods vary. Please refer to the withdrawal page.

Payment MethodSupported CurrencySettlement CurrencyMinimum Withdrawal AmountCommissionProcessing TimeArrival Time

Withdrawal Process

Complete withdrawal anytime anywhere in just a few clicks

  • Initiating

    Clients are allowed to withdraw funds via any client terminal of XTrend Speed. Please enter the withdrawal amount on the withdrawal page, and click the "Initiate Request" button to complete your withdrawal.

  • Remitting

    The finance department will review your withdrawal request within 24 hours. Once it gets approval, we will transfer funds into your bank account immediately.

  • Arriving

    It usually takes 3-5 working days, but depending on your bank.

How to initiate a withdrawal request?

You are allowed to withdraw funds from XTrend Speed STrader account through XTrend Speed official website or XTrend Speed APP.

  • XTrend Speed Official Website

    Personal Area-Withdrawal
    STrader Account
  • XTrend Speed App

    Watch Videos

    STrader Account
  • Q1. Who are eligible to have a withdraw request?

    As a regulated entity, XTrend Speed complies with Anti-Money Laundering laws and must comply with standards of security and fraud protection. Therefore, verification of this kind of clients’ identities and transactions are required to prove that they are real owners of these accounts and for speedy processing of withdrawals. Also, all funds deposited into these accounts must be from a Payment Method registered under these clients’ own names.

  • Q2. Can I cancel my withdrawal request?

    Yes, you can cancel a withdrawal request within 24 hours from submission of your initial withdrawal.

  • Q3. Do you apply handling fees for withdrawal?

    3.5% fee is charged on Withdrawals by E-wallet/ Credit Card/Debit Card.

    Charge at least $5 for each fast withdrawal

    Don't charge any fees for first two withdrawals every month. Charge up to $50 per single transaction from third withdrawal.