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Silva Kazdaileviciene - Be confident


It's been a while since our last winner interview, but the enthusiasm for Go for Dreams continues. The winner of this tour is Silva from Norway, who is also the first Norwegian user to win, let's congratulate her on winning the $5,000 in cash!

About the winner

NameSilva Kazdaileviciene
Prize $5,000 in cash
Tour 2023011003

About Silva Kazdaileviciene

Silva is a mother of a lovely daughter who is currently pregnant and expecting a new baby in three months. With maternity leave slowing down her life, she decided to do something that would earn her extra income and pass the time, so she started trading.

She made the first acquaintance with XTrend Speed

When she accidentally checked Facebook, Silva saw an AD of XTrend Speed. It recommended that this trading platform is suitable for beginners and easy to use. She gave it a try and became interested in trading after using it for a few days and finding it easy to understand and always able to get help from the dedicated customer service staff on the platform.

Be confident.

Silva had never traded before, so she wasn't confident from the start. However, she has her own way of trading, and she tries different trading varieties. Her favorite function is Copy Trading, through which she can learn and verify her trading results, which may be one of the factors that make her profitable.

Having experienced the profits of XTrend Speed has boosted Silva's confidence in trading, which is reflected in the fact that one of the uses of her prize is the purchase of trading courses, and we believe that she will achieve better results.

Exclusive interview with Silva Kazdaileviciene

Q1: How long have you been trading? Have you had any trading experience before using XTrend Speed?

A: I haven’t traded before, XTrend Speed is my first trading platform.

Q2: Why did you choose XTrend Speed and what makes you trust it?

A: I saw XTrend Speed on Facebook, one guy recommended it to beginners, that it is a very easy program. I decided to check it out. I wasn't very confident at the beginning, but I really liked that it's really easy to understand and you still get help from Exclusive Investment Advisor..

Q3: How do you usually trade and do you have any trading skills?

A: I learn from losses and I always try everything.

Q4: Which feature of XTrend Speed do you like best?

A: I like copy trading best, I can learn from them, check if my decision is like theirs.

Q5: Do you have any suggestions for our improvement?

A: No, you are amazing.

There must be many stay-at-home moms like Silva or people who want to try something new but lack the courage and confidence to get started, but Silva's trading experience shows that it pays off, in all sorts of ways.

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