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Rahman Firmansyah - Try to get the results you want


After the New Year holidays, we have our first $5,000 winner for 2023 in Go for Dreams, Rahman Firmansyah, the first winner from Indonesia since the event launched, and even more excitingly, he also won $1,000 credit in the 2022122203 tour of the credit event, so hooray for his two wins!

About the winner

NameRahman Firmansyah
Prize $5,000 in cash & $1,000 credit
Tour 2022122804 & 2022122203

About Rahman Firmansyah

Rahman is an anatomical pathology resident by profession and enjoys the joys of trading outside of his busy schedule. Although he earns a good income as a doctor, he works hard for his big family. Like all parents in the world, Rahman wants his boy to follow in his footsteps, after all, doctor is a recognized and respected profession. Back to the topic, let's see what kind of trading story Rahman has to share.

He made the first acquaintance with XTrend Speed

Rahman learned about XTrend Speed after being attracted by an ad on a social media platform and decided to give it a try even though he already had an app he was trading. Rahman chose XTrend Speed simply because of the ease of trading and the fact that the platform is legal and certified, which deepened his trust.

Try to get the results you want.

In fact, to make profitable trades one cannot expect a simple one-click buy and sell. Rahman is good at gathering trading information and the decisions he makes must be carefully considered. Studying on YouTube has improved Rahman's trading skills, and just as he works hard at his job, he works equally hard at trading to get results that satisfy him.

Exclusive interview with Rahman Firmansyah

Q1: How long have you been trading? Have you had any trading experience before using XTrend Speed?

A: I've traded before XTrend Speed.

Q2: Why did you choose XTrend Speed and what makes you trust it?

A: I got information from social media YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, I trust XTrend Speed because it's legal and certified.

Q3: How do you usually trade and do you have any trading skills?

A: I learn from YouTube.

Q4: Which feature of XTrend Speed do you like best?

A: Best overall.

Q5: Do you have any suggestions for our improvement?

A: Claim and customer service features are rather difficult when the button is selected, nothing else.

Trading will never become profitable because the desire to make a profit is strong, what is more important is the action paid to ultimately prompt the profit and loss of the transaction. We always believe that traders who are willing to put in the effort to learn seriously in trading will definitely be able to obtain their self-satisfied results.

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