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Hasan Amin - Trade your way


After a fierce competition, the winner of this tour was ushered in. Let's congratulate Hasan Amin from Italy, he won $1,000 credit in the 2022110302 tour on November 4th, and won the $5,000 in cash by redeeming only 11 dream tickets this time, how luck!

About the winner

NameHasan Amin
Prize $5,000 in cash
Tour 2022112003

About Hasan Amin

Hasan works for an automotive factory and likes to trade to pass the time. He has been trading on XTrend Speed for almost a year and a half and he has never had any trouble during that time, so he trusts the platform. In his opinion, XTrend Speed is a very transparent platform, there is no faking and everything is visible.

He made the first acquaintance with XTrend Speed

On the recommendation of his brother, Hasan downloaded XTrend Speed, which is what increased his trust in this unfamiliar platform at the beginning. Since he knew nothing about trading, he didn't use it for long after downloading, but made his first deposit to start his trading journey six months after registering, and trading has been a part of his life ever since.

Trade your way.

Despite being in her sixties, older than most traders, Giovanna has a very open mind. Like other professional traders, she reads trading-related books, analyzes markets and trends, and applies theory to practice, trying and improving time and time again, and then she got a smooth trading situation now.

Even so, in more than two years of trading, Hasan did not achieve very good results, that is to say, trading is easy to start, however, if you want to have a stable profit, you still need to continue to learn and summarize and accumulate experience, which is most traders like Hasan ignored.

Exclusive interview with Hasan Amin

Q1: How long have you been trading? Have you had any trading experience before using XTrend Speed?

A: I have been trading with XTrend for over two years and have never traded before

Q2: Why did you choose XTrend Speed and what makes you trust it?

A: My brother recommended it to me and so far I have not had any bad experiences with XTrend Speed.

Q3: How do you usually trade and do you have any trading skills?

A: I follow the forums and copy trading.

Q4: Which feature of XTrend Speed do you like best?

A: It's transparent, there is no catch and everything is visible.

Q5: Do you have any suggestions for our improvement?

A: It's already perfect so it doesn't need to be better.

All in all, it is more important to find your own way of trading than to trade blindly and follow the crowd. After all, even if you follow the masters in copy trading without having your own rhythm and mastering the skills of trading, this will only increase the risk of loss in the long run.

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