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Leeyong Leau - Practice makes perfect


Congratulations to lucky Leau for winning $1,000 credit for the second time. After redeeming 58 dream tickets and won the 2022111602 tour on November 17th, this time she redeemed 357 tickets to win $1,000 credit again, which is well deserved! Go for Dreams event is full of surprises, come and join to find out!

About the winner

NameLeeyong Leau
Prize $1,000 credit
Tour 2022112602

About Leeyong Leau

Leau is from Malaysia and as an avid fan of trading, she has made 4,468 trades in just five months with XTrend Speed, achieving a whopping 84% profit rate, with one of her favorite symbols being XNGUSD. Among the many features on the platform, Leau enjoys visiting the forum, where traders from all over the world post their trading ideas and the trading information in the forum is helpful to her trading.

She made the first acquaintance with XTrend Speed

After using several trading platforms, Leau found them not easy to understand and finally settled on XTrend Speed, which she found easy to understand and use, and she never encountered problems with top-ups and withdrawals, which were fast every time, which increased her confidence in trading.

Practice makes perfect.

Despite her 84% profitability, Leau is not a master trader. Like most traders who join XTrend Speed, she is a complete novice who has never traded before and knows nothing about trading. But what is positive is that she doesn't trade blindly, her winning strategy in trading is to observe the market more, and she has her own pattern after trading more.

Trading with theory only is never a wise method, trading is also needed through time and again to try and summarize in order to achieve the expected results, after figuring out the pattern and laws that suit you and continue, you will maintain a stable profit rate as with Leau.

Exclusive interview with Leeyong Leau

Q1: How long have you been trading? Have you had any trading experience before using XTrend Speed?

A: XTrend Speed is my first trading platform and I had never traded before.

Q2: What makes you trust XTrend Speed?

A: Fast deposit and withdraw.

Q3: How do you usually trade and do you have any trading skills?

A: No specif skills, just observe the market.

Q4: What do you like best about XTrend Speed?

A: Forum, it’s helpful for my trading.

Q5: Do you have any suggestions for our improvement?

A: Not yet.

However, practicing perfection in trading does not mean you become rich overnight. It doesn’t work that way. It means that you are setting goals and making progress toward those goals. You get better after each trade, and apply what you have learned to the next trade. If you can train yourself to do things the right way over time, and you're getting positive results, then those results should increase over time. That should be your goal.

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