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Activity>Giovanna Malavasi - It's never too old to learn

Giovanna Malavasi - It's never too old to learn


After a fierce competition between 2178 users, we have the winner of the 2022110704 tour, she is Giovanna from Italy, who won the $5,000 prize by redeeming 482 dream tickets, congratulations!

About the winner

NameGiovanna Malavasi
Prize $5,000 in cash
Tour 2022110704

About Giovanna Malavasi

Giovanna is 64 years old and she chose to trade for the simple reason that she started trying after learning in a movie that she could make money through trading. In her opinion, trading is enjoyable. In addition to the possibility of adding extra income, it also allows her to pass the time outside of work, and at her age, trading is not too tiring.

She made the first acquaintance with XTrend Speed

Giovanna saw a lot of good reviews about XTrend Speed on the website, so she downloaded it. After using XTrend Speed she found it easy to use and the platform also offers many video tutorials, which helped her a lot as a novice trader. After a short period of study, she first practiced through the demo mode of trading, and then she actually entered the trading market.

It's never too old to learn.

Despite being in her sixties, older than most traders, Giovanna has a very open mind. Like other professional traders, she reads trading-related books, analyzes markets and trends, and applies theory to practice, trying and improving time and time again, and then she got a smooth trading situation now.

Trading has affected Giovanna in various ways, for example, she believes that trading has given her a clearer perception of asset management and how to manage and allocate her assets, which is very positive. In addition, she mentioned that she will continue to learn and improve herself, she still has a long way to go. So as you now understand, age is not a concern when it comes to trading. If you come with an open mind and have the discipline to persevere, chances are you will do very well as a trader.

Exclusive interview with Giovanna Malavasi

Q1: How long have you been trading? Have you had any trading experience before using XTrend Speed?

A: I have been trading for over a year and XTrend Speed was the first trading platform I used.

Q2: How did you get interested in trading?

A: I used to try some time ago on the demo because I had seen movies where they talked about that and so I started to study a little bit in addition to the fact that it has many advantages including not struggling after a certain age.

Q3: How do you usually trade and do you have any trading skills?

A: I use my own strategy that I learned from reading various books and testing and improving it over time.

Q4: How will you spend $5,000?

A: I honestly have no idea yet. I'll have to think about it.

Q5: Do you have any suggestions for our improvement?

A: It would be great if you could speed up payment, and maybe add a few more cryptocurrencies and companies.

As the story of our successful master forex trading student Simon Smith is a testament of, it is never too late to start learning about the markets and trade them actively. Anyone can learn the strategies to make money from the forex market every day, including those who have had past careers or those getting ready for retirement.

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