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Activity>Ģirts Daukste - A good beginning is half the battle

Ģirts Daukste - A good beginning is half the battle


The interview for the tour 2022082405 came late, the winner of this tour is Ģirts from Latvia, who was the first Latvian user to win the $5,000 prize, he only redeemed 19 dream numbers and won, congratulations to him!

About the winner

NameĢirts Daukste
NicknameĢirts exe
Prize$5,000 in cash

About Ģirts Daukste

Ģirts is a college student and the youngest winner since the Go for Dreams event launched. Despite his young age, he has a good sense of money management and like most young traders, Ģirts got into trading to earn extra income, which is the first step to achieving financial freedom. Since joining XTrend Speed in May, he has made a surprisingly good profit rate, how did he manage to do this? Let's hear what he has to say.

He made the first acquaintance with XTrend Speed

XTrend Speed is the first platform for Ģirts to start trading and the initial reason that attracted him to use it was the low trading threshold, as he knew that other trading platforms had a threshold of $30 or more, while XTrend Speed's $10 was a good opportunity to start trading. As a newbie with zero trading experience, he was curious and excited about trading. But luckily, XTrend Speed is a beginner-friendly trading platform, and he got off to a very smooth start.

In addition to the wealth of trading information on the platform, one of the main selling points of XTrend Speed is copy trading, which is one of the key factors that made Ģirts profitable, as he earned $50 from copying trading master's trades, which gave him a boost of confidence. So he started learning to analyze on his own, watching the live streams on the platform for trading information and recommended stocks analysis, which allowed him to quickly get into the trading role. At the same time, the responsive customer support team on the platform and the timely arrival of deposits and withdrawals have deepened Ģirts' trust in XTrend Speed.

A good beginning is half the battle.

For Ģirts, it's incredible how much he got out of just a $10 try, especially when he won the $5,000 jackpot. Ģirts said that this prize could be used to repair his car, which was about to cost a lot of money, but the prize arrived very timely. But in both life and trading, a good is often half the battle, and there are always surprises when you try something new and bold.

Exclusive interview with Ģirts Daukste

Q1: Which feature of XTrend Speed do you like most?

A: Recommended stocks on the homepage.

Q2: What makes you trust XTrend Speed?

A: This platform is reliable in terms of when, how many people withdraw money and at what time they do it, and the amounts there are impressive. So I thought when this is a safe platform.

Q3: How will you spend $5,000 in cash?

A: I kinda wanna keep trading, but I wanna fix my car tho, cuz I crashed my car.

Q4: What do you think the win rate is when you participate in the event?

A: I think big, there is many events so yeah.

Q5: Will you still participate in the following tours of “Go for Dreams”?

A: Yes, I will.

Q6: What prize do you expect us to offer in the following tours?

A: More cash.

It is not difficult to start trading, but it is a challenge for most people to learn trading knowledge and analyze the market independently just as Ģirts did when entering the trading market, so this is one of the reasons why there are always beginners complaining about trading difficulties. Get fully prepared to try new things, you will reap half the success just like Ģirts. Your efforts will pay off in the end, and XTrend Speed will accompany you to witness.

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