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Activity> Đỗ Văn Đông - Learn from failure

Đỗ Văn Đông - Learn from failure


It's been a while since the last winner interview, but the enthusiasm of users participating in the Go for Dreams has not diminished. The winner in the tour 2022083002 is Đỗ Văn Đông from Vietnam, he is the third Vietnam winners winning the $5,000. Let's congratulate him on winning this prize!

About the winner

NameĐỗ Văn Đông
Prize$5,000 in cash

About Đỗ Văn Đông

Đông is from Vietnam, he is a manager of a construction company. Although he has a good income, he believes that trading is a good way to increase profits and manage funds. In less than three months of using XTrend Speed, he has not achieved good profitability, but he still has expectations for trading and is constantly learning and improving himself. Perhaps the $5,000 prize he won is a sign of good luck? Let's see what stories he will bring.

He made the first acquaintance with XTrend Speed

At the end of July, Đông learned about XTrend Speed through an online ad and decided to give it a try since he has never traded before. Being a pure trading novice, he gained trust in the platform after a few days of using it briefly. XTrend Speed is a very beginner-friendly platform, and the clarity of the features as well as the detailed trading information on the platform got him started quickly.

Learn from failure.

Like most beginner traders, Đông started trading with the idea of making big money, so in his eagerness to achieve success he acted very aggressively and neglected the importance of trading skills, which is one of the reasons why his profit rate was not satisfactory. Frustrated by his losses in trading, he gradually realized that trading is not simply buying and selling, and that trading wisely is a good way to stop losses in time, so he began to sink his teeth into learning about trading knowledge and improving his trading skills.

Failure is not scary, what is scary is to be stubborn and not learn from the failed trades, then the ultimate loser is still yourself. It is vital to keep a clear head in trading, as blind trading only increases the risk of losing and the risk of falling into the trap of always trying to turn the tide against the wind.

Exclusive interview with Đỗ Văn Đông

Q1: Which feature of XTrend Speed do you like most?

A: The best in XTrend Speed is an understandable trading market, and a lot of languages for the player.

Q2: What makes you trust XTrend Speed?

A: I didn't believe it at first, but I felt safe after using it.

Q3: How will you spend $5,000 in cash?

A: Part of it will be used to continue trading, and the rest will be shared with family.

Q4: What do you think the win rate is when you participate in the event?

A: I joined the event for fun. I didn't expect to win a prize.

Q5: Will you still participate in the following tours of “Go for Dreams”?

A: Yes, I will, I look forward to winning again.

Q6: What prize do you expect us to offer in the following tours?

A: I just hope to make more profit in trading.

Trading is never a sure thing, there are many unknown potential risks. For those who have never traded, this may just be an ideology that stays in their head, but when they start trading they will find that it is no joke. Whether you are new to trading or a trading veteran, constantly learning to improve yourself is an effective way to avoid risk and achieve the goal of making money.

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