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Activity>Nurhayati Hassan - Use technology to your advantage

Nurhayati Hassan - Use technology to your advantage


The popularity of the Go for Dreams event continues unabated. With the active participation of 2553 users, the winner of tour 2022090702 was born. Let's congratulate Nurhayati Hassan from Malaysia on winning $5,000 in cash!

About the winner

NameNurhayati Hassan
Prize $5,000 in cash
Tour 2022090702
Country Malaysia

About Nurhayati Hassan

Hayati is an environmental consultant by profession, and like most people, trading is one of her hobbies outside of work. As a beginner trader, she has achieved 80% profitability in just one month after joining XTrend Speed, although the trading volume is not much, which shows that she is a very wise trader, how did she achieve such good trading results? Let's take a look at her trading story

She made the first acquaintance with XTrend Speed

One month ago, Hayati learned about XTrend Speed through online advertising. Before downloading the app, she had already traded on other platforms. As a beginner trader, she focused on the beginner-friendly guiding features, while the rich trading information and copy trading on XTrend Speed met her requirements.

Use technology to your advantage.

Trading is a very complicated process, many trading platforms use technology to help automate certain aspects and help traders analyze and view the latest market updates. Hayati is very aware of this and make good use of it - such as the percentage of choosing sell and buy on the order page at XTrend Speed, has helped her make decisions. It is also one of the reasons for better profitability.

In addition, Hayati also likes to use copy trading. Copying the trades of the experienced masters is one of her skills to make profits. Rather than using the technical help of the platform to make profit, Hayati owes it all to her ability to make her own judgments, it can be said that Hayati is a great example of wise trading among beginner traders. 

Exclusive interview with Nurhayati Hassan

Q1: Which feature of XTrend Speed do you like most?

A: The percentage of choosing direction like buy or sell. It helps me make a decision.

Q2: What makes you trust XTrend Speed?

A: I can withdraw the money, and the sharing analysis from the other traders, it shows you have lots of clients.

Q3: How will you spend $5,000 in cash?

A: Purchasing new phone and food.

Q4: What do you think the win rate is when you participate in the event?

A: 0 percent as I never put hope on it.

Q5: Will you still participate in the following tours of “Go for Dreams”?

A: 会的。

A: Yes, I will.

Q6: What prize do you expect us to offer in the following tours?

A: Cash, it's easier for everyone.

It may be difficult for most people to learn how to be a real trader, but it is a good way for them to open a new path and find their own trading skills, like Hayati did. XTrend Speed includes a lot of features, but how to use them to maximize profits is something that many traders need to consider on their own. As a proverb goes, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

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