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Activity>Zoran Grbic - I trade just for fun

Zoran Grbic - I trade just for fun


Good news on the event “Go for Dreams” followed one after another. The winner of the tour of 2022052901 was born on 6th June. He is the 16th one that wins $5000 in cash.

About the winner

NameZoran Grbic
Prize $5,000 in cash
Tour 2022052901
Country Serbia

About Zoran Grbic

Zoran Grbic is from Serbia and runs a shop. He is optimistic on lives and has his own requirements for the quality of life. Zoran Grbic takes self-driving journey every month to relax himself and enjoy the scenery.

He made the first acquaintance with XTrend Speed

Like most of the other winners, Zoran Grbic knows XTrend Speed via his friends. He has shown his trust on XTrend Speed since he signed up for an XTrend Speed account. He has made a total of 11054 trades with US$307986 of trading volume. Furthermore, he is also the one that makes trades the most frequently.

I trade just for fun

Zoran Grbic runs his own business and gets adequate incomes. Therefore, he is always calm when the loss or the profit occurs. In addition, he can curb his greed when trading. According to current data, his profit rate is higher than 66.24% of clients.

Exclusive interview with Zoran Grbic

Q1: Which function XTrend Speed is featured is your favorite?

A: Live video streaming and ideas.

Q2: What makes you trust the brand - “XTrend speed”?

A: My best friend recommended it to me.

Q3: How will you spend $5000 in cash?

A: I will use all the money to experience a different life.

Q4: What do you think the win rate is when you participate in the event?

A: I have redeemed 1267 dream numbers. I was really looking forward to winning prizes at the beginning.

Q5: Will you still participate in the following tours of “Go for Dreams”?

A5: Yes, I will.

Q6: What prize do you expect us to offer in the following tours?

A6: Car or travel.  

The winner of this tour was born, but “Go for Dream” is underway. Be calm when trading. Maybe you will be the winner of the next tour! Every investor has the opportunity to make dreams come true on XTrend Speed.

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